How to distinguish the quality of lace

Lace is a common lace accessory. Generally appear in clothing, underwear, home textiles. The lace is thin and layered. Summer underwear is often themed with lace. The lace on the clothing can create a sweet feeling. The lace on the home textile adds an unexpected feeling to the home. The home textiles with lace are added, which adds a sense of hierarchy to the home textiles. So how do we distinguish the quality when buying lace products?

First appearance. Good-quality silk bedding, with clear lines, full printing, and fine fabric, without the feeling of fuzzy lines and rough printing. Consumers are advised to choose products with lighter colors or natural hue, because they are not easy to fade. And some products with strong colors may fade easily due to heavy dyeing. In addition, there is a simple test: put a piece of white cloth on the product and rub it back and forth. If you find any signs of staining on the white cloth, it will fade.

The second is smelling. The smell of good quality products is generally fresh and natural without peculiar smell. If you open the package and smell pungent odors such as sour odor, it is probably because the formaldehyde or acidity in the product exceeds the standard, so it is best not to buy it. At present, the mandatory standard for the pH value of textiles is generally 4.0-7.5. Finally touch the texture.

The last is to grind the hand. A good product feels comfortable and delicate, with tightness, and does not feel rough or loose to the touch. When testing pure cotton products, a few filaments can be drawn to ignite, and it is normal for them to emit a burning paper smell when burning. You can also twist the ashes with your hands. If there is no lumps, it means it is a pure cotton product. If there are lumps, it means that it contains chemical fiber.

Post time: May-26-2021