The structure and working principle of computer embroidery machine

Computer embroidery machine is mainly composed of mechanical system, transmission system and electronic control system. The mechanical system is mainly composed of the frame parts, the box parts, the needle step mechanism, the wire picking mechanism, the color changing mechanism, the wire clamping mechanism, the embroidery frame parts, the hand open and close the box parts, etc. The main motor of the transmission system is divided into servo motor and frequency conversion motor. At present, the majority of the Chinese embroidery machine servo system is Dahao servo system.

The inverter motor of computer embroidery machine adopts Toshiba motor, which can adjust the speed of the motor according to the length of needle distance of embroidery pattern. In order to ensure the accuracy of embroidery, the main motor is equipped with electromagnetic brake device. The motor drives the lower shaft through synchronous tooth belt, the lower shaft drives the upper shaft through sprocket, and the upper shaft drives the needling mechanism and the thread pickling mechanism. The lower shaft drives the spinning shuttle and the thread cutting mechanism through the bevel gear so as to complete the locking sleeve of the bottom line and the surface line of the embroidery machine to form the embroidery thread on the fabric.

The working principle of embroidery machine is to first use embroidery CAD plate making, after generating the sample plate, put the platter containing embroidery program and pattern into the electric disk drive successively. Under the control of the program, the computer will change the coordinate value of pattern into the electrical signal equivalent to the displacement quantity of frame X and Y direction, and send it to X,Y and Z single-chip microcomputer system for motor speed up and down processing, and then output three-phase six-beat number. The power amplifier box of the line motor is amplified, and the red X and Y stepper motor drive the frame to complete the feed movement between X and Y: at the same time, the Z stepper motor is driven, and the needle is moved up and down with the motor, so as to make the embroidery continue.

The Z stepper motor drives the head transmission mechanism to rotate through the synchronous gear belt, and the specific mechanism of the head makes the lead mechanism and the needle head surface line, and then moves down. Puncture fabric: the rotary spindle in the hook mechanism rotates to make the surface line bypass the hidden bottom shuttle shell, the thread picking mechanism moves, transmits the surface line, tightens the stitch, and prepares the surface line segment of the next stitch. X,Y stepper motor through synchronous gear belt and other mechanisms to drive the frame and fabric for plane movement. Each stitch on the fabric is sent to the machine needle embroidery, the speed of the needle up and down movement and the direction of the frame movement, the amount of movement and the speed of movement coordinate with the movement, so that the surface line and the bottom line are stranded, and the sewing stitch is made on the fabric. Computer embroidery in which a pattern is completed while embroidery is continuous.

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Post time: Nov-30-2022